The Beer Store’s price claims “extremely misleading”

Steve Lafleur, public policy analyst with the Frontier Centre for Public Policy, lays bare how The Beer Store is distorting the facts in an attempt to keep its monopoly:

A recent report from The Beer Store claimed that Ontarians would pay $10 more on average per case of beer if convenience stores were permitted to sell them. This is extremely misleading. If the retail monopoly on beer is broken while the wholesale monopoly remains intact, the average purchase price would likely increase since private vendors will have to pay a price dictated by the Beer Store. Consumers paying for the convenience of grabbing a six-pack at the convenience store rather than visiting the Beer Store would drive up the average. That’s a bit like arguing that average food prices would increase if more people bought their groceries at convenience stores.

This is yet another instance of the Beer Store distorting facts to maintain its stranglehold on Ontario consumers.

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