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The Ontario Convenience Stores Association (www.conveniencestores.ca) represents 7,500 convenience stores across Ontario. Together they generate close to $13 billion in sales and serve over 3 million customers each day. More than 69,000 Ontarians work in our industry.

Our retailers pride themselves as responsible community retailers and through our tough age verification program, ‘We Expect ID’ have conducted well over 100 million age checks since 2007.

‘We Expect ID’

Launched in 2007, the ‘We Expect ID’ Program is the OCSA’s tough age verification program to control the sale of age restricted products. Now in over 7,500 stores in Ontario, the program takes a zero-tolerance approach to keeping age restricted products away from kids. With the system, anyone attempting to purchase an age restricted product that appears under 25 must present their driver’s license and have it swiped through a device that reads the encoded age information off the card’s magnetic strip.

In each and every case, store employees swipe customers’ licenses through the lottery terminal to perform this verification. The terminal reads the age information from each license and presents the person’s age prominently on the terminal’s display. It helps eliminate mistakes and makes it easier for stores to dutifully keep all age restricted products from kids.